Suitable for ages 6 – 12

Explore the concept of art, design and crafting through carefully designed activities! Discoveries and experiments are deliberately playful and open-ended, providing your child with the opportunity to learn, ideate and create. Playeum ignites your child’s resourcefulness and confidence in problem-solving. Furthermore, the constant interaction with other kids encourages collaborations, thus building up their social awareness.

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Suitable for ages 5 and above

Paper-folding trains a kid’s ability to listen carefully and watch closely to instructions. It requires precision and patience while catalysing on the creativity of these kids. The transformation of a 2D piece of paper into a 3D structure develops their spatial reasoning. Symmetry is a practice which which folders are accustomed to; for what is done to one side has to be done to the other side. Let your world come to life by joining us for Origami!

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